Independent Insurance Agent vs. Online E-Quotes

While online insurance quotes are extremely popular, the more traditional method of dealing directly with an independent agent still has numerous advantages.

The independent insurance agent is your agent – to the insurance company.  A licensed independent insurance agent isyour advocate. A common misconception is that independent agents charge “extra” for our services.    At Lori Sell Insurance, you can also be confident that we will perform ongoing evaluations of your coverage and the companies with whom you hold insurance policies, continually making sure that you are getting optimum products at the best prices.

An important advantage to using an independent agent is the personalized coverage that we can tailor specifically to your individual needs, AND it’s very much like one-stop-shopping – where you can get auto, home, life, business or all of them together.  At Lori Sell Insurance, we will gather offers from only reliable, reputable insurance companies that have good credit ratings and reputations. By comparing quotes from select providers, we can reduce insurance premiums by as much 40%, while giving you the best possible coverage.

And finally, in the event of an unforeseen or unwanted occurrence, wouldn’t you rather have a local independent agent available when you call – NOT one of those automated 800 numbers where it is not only time-consuming but many times ineffectual? No waiting on hold till you turn gray. No driving yourself crazy delving through number selections while hoping to reach a live, human being. No struggling with understanding what we have to say. No wondering if a return call on your claim is imminent this decade. We’re here. We’re local. We’ll take great care of you!